Hey guys, basically I now have a better, probably more interesting blog here on which I plan to review the absolute shit out movies, books and games which weren’t released last week…or last month…or  even last year i.e. they’re old…but not too old like we’re not talking black and white and pac man. If you’re wondering why anyone would do that there’s a nice list of reasons explaining all that on the blog. If by now you haven’t clicked on one of these links then here’s another one…’cos I’m that nice! Now, AWAY!!



Master Weenum’s Conundrum

PART 1: Dorias Jones

“Hello there, my name is Hugo Shervington, butler and personal friend of Master Weenum as well as the author of these short biographical tales. Our story begins in Paris 1819, the American War for Independence was well and truly over and the great Empire was stretching its limbs, the result was a remarkably care-free time for both myself and master Weenum and we were both thoroughly enjoying our holiday, visiting all the local delights as well as the various business partners master Weenum had scattered around the city. Continue reading

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The (Thankfully) Changing Face of Gaming

Over the past four years or so you may have noticed a fairly dramatic difference in the changing tastes of games developers and customers alike. The desperate quest for a modernistic first person shooter with just the right amounts of realism and graphic, terrorist mutilation had finally met with a result; Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. The runaway success of this game, due mainly to it’s online mode of play, spawned a succession of clones and kicked off a new age of gaming, the age of the shooter. Now at this stage a few of you may be asking the question “But what about Halo? Wasn’t that an immensely popular shooter too?” Well yes that is certainly true, but the real difference is that it never really sparked the same wave of zealotry and fanatic fandom or had the same impact on popular culture that the Call of Duty series had and still has, and this may be due to a number of reasons, the most worrying of which may be that as a society we much prefer to shoot/ knife/ tomahawk/ blow up, other human beings  than defend our planet from genocidal aliens. Continue reading

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Story Time Children

Greetings dear readers! As I sat a while yesterday, pondering the nature of things, or more specifically, what to write for all you crazy cooks, a thought popped into my head. ‘What if, instead of doing a totally new theme each week, I come up with something I can use repeatedly! Yes, of course!’ I thought to myself, ‘I could do a series of small stories all based around certain characters. Brilliant! I mean everyone’s doing it, TV people, movie people and radio people have been doing it since dodos were trying to shag rocks back in the medieval times which, incidentally is why they all died out… or so I’m told.’ Anyway now you’ve been exposed to the most inner workings of my mind I’ll just go ahead and introduce the title of this illustrious first instalment; Master Weenum’s Conundrum!


And so, as soon as I am able to finish the first of these tales (I’m not entirely sure when that will be, but hopefully soon) I will upload it for all you curious creatures to read and enjoy. Until that time my lovelies, I bid you adieu.

The Sexy Sleuth from Saturn

In a galaxy not far from other ones

On a planet close to our own

Lived a sleuth named jim

Who sifted through old shards of broken bone.


This planets name was saturn

And how colourful it was

Swarming with many denizens

It was Jim’s favourite place to roam


The problem was, with saturn

That not often did you know

If that body lying, twisted on the floor

Might not someday be your own. Continue reading

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The Complaining Society

As my first post I thought it only fitting that I do one on a subject that many bloggers hold very dear to their hearts: complaining. Or more specifically, the almost fanatical spewing forth of harsh, fiery judgement. A scorching, righteous wrath that leaves no company unscrutinised, no accidentally (or purposefully) insulting comment un-buried and submits every new movie/game to a blistering battery of tests from which only the fittest are allowed to survive. With the rise of easy access comment sections, quick sign-up blogging and of course- forums, the internet nowadays is like a futuristic battleground where insults are thrown forth from majestic, gleaming skyscrapers, where the most liked/subscribed are supported on pinnacles of like-minded individuals who worship daily the messages delivered forth from these great minds, where the newest of technology mixes with the ugliest of human emotions to create a hi-brid the likes of which have never been seen before! Continue reading

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HELLO EVERYONE!! (yes even you lonely child reading this from the dark corner of your bedroom)

Just so there’s actually something to look at in that disturbingly blank space, I’ve decided to write something short and sweet to inform and amaze you. An introduction. Now you’re all appropriately excited let me bring you down a little by saying that this may not be the most reliable, humorous, educational or awe-inspiring of the many trillions of blogs out there, however, it will be something to read when you’re travelling on the train/bus/plane/subway/local hobo’s back or when you have anything else at all better to be doing. I hope it entertains, explains and sometimes delays your trips, homework or reading of someone else’s blog.

I leave you now in the capable and slightly hobbit-like hands of conductor James Levine (seriously the guy is a hobbit!!) performing Copland’s ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ a piece perfectly suited to the sheer majesty of the occasion (in my opinion that is). Until later some time my groovy froods!! (also if you want to just get straight to the big crescendo at the end I’d recommend 2:50)

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